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"This seven-song EP debut from Southern California artist Peter Verdell is a slick, catchy package that is sure to turn heads in the music industry. With a vaguely emo/hard-rock alternative style and a truckload of biting hooks, this is music that haunts and inspires. Though up until recently Verdell was doing solo acoustic sets live, he's finally settled on a permanent quartet to bring a harder edge to his live shows. While many young musicians make obvious blunders on debut albums, it's tough to find any fault with this disc. Perhaps the only thing wrong with it is that it isn't a full-length album." - Dug Fredricksen

Skratch Magazine (
June, 2006


Writer and Video Director extraordinaire Jonathan London played "On Your Hands and Knees" on his online radio show last Thursday night (, which was sweeet! He's done videos for a ton of cool bands (including Reggie and the Full Effect, Reel Big Fish, HelloGoodbye, and The New Amsterdams), so he's pretty much the man. Let's see what else...ohh I finally purchased my very own rhodes piano! It weighs about a ton, and is in need of some serious TLC--but God it is going to be worth it. Well that's about it for now; check back for some upcoming shows in April!


7-song EP now available HERE! It might be the best $5 you've spent since like, 1998 or something.


It seems the search for a lead guitarist has come to an end, with the addition of Matt Wright. The two of us will be playing a special little acoustic set at BB King's Friday, Feb. 17th--which should be absolutely magical. I believe the EP's will have arrived by then, so it will be kinda fun to actually have some music to sell!




Yesterday my songs were mastered by Louie Teran (Snow Patrol, Phantom Planet, Mean Girls Soundtrack!) and last night I was finally able to enjoy the fruits of my labor! And what tasty fruit indeed. In about 3 short weeks I'll have 1000 copies for you to taste yourselves...all packaged prettily and simply dying to find their way into your music player of choice. In the meantime you can check out the 'ol myspace page to hear some of the new



Thanks to everyone who came out the BB King's last week! It was a TON O' FUN, and definitely the best we've played as a full band. As for new songs...the recording process has been a little sluggish due to some unavoidable scheduling conflicts (, school, Halloween costume planning, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc). But we have plans to start the bass this weekend!


New website online!


Come see the new Act As If line-up on July 31st @ Smart City Grinds in Azusa. It's going to be our first show together, come check it out!


Been really busy writing new songs and trying to get a band together…but it’s coming along. Hopefully I’ll be recording some new stuff in August sometime… check back for details.


Act As If is on a Drive-Thru Records compilation!! Pick it up in our merch section for only $10--you won't want to miss out on this!

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